Kate is delightful to work with; organised, resourceful, charming and professional with extensive knowledge of her sector.  Against a tight deadline, Kate immediately grasped and developed the brief, then interviewed and wrote up case studies of six ‘Amazing Women’ from across the borough for a campaign we ran to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018.  We were delighted to see the story run in Chester Chronicle and our online campaign attract over 3.5k views. I would highly recommend Kate’s work and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Cath Logan

Communications Manager, Brightlife

Kate managed the PR side of my launch campaign for my luxury fashion brand. It was a real pleasure working with Kate, she is not only lovely but takes the pressure off and worked tirelessly to contact all the major publications we wanted to work with. As a result of Kate’s work, I have gained exposure in to the London market of publications which is a great start and I have been able to negotiate deals as a result. I would recommend Kate and she is worth every penny. I will be working with her again.

Victoria Mckenna

CEO , Victoria McKenna Limited

Following a personal recommendation, I hired Kate to advise on a publicity and communications plan for my business. I found her to be proactive, focussed, impressively skilled and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Jon Evans

Managing Director, Jon Evans Equestrian

Kate’s PR work is impeccable and she is a joy to work with. I left our first meeting with a clear sense of direction and a communication strategy for the entire year. Kate’s style is super encouraging and she is absolutely brilliant at communicating the big picture and the finer details that often go overlooked.

Keisha Dixon

The Tapping Queen, Transformational Wealth Coach

Kate has some great ideas for what ‘works’ and advised me on how to shape and form my business idea into something more tangible. She has been a mirror to talk about my ‘blocks’ and we have had some great discussions about improving visibility and self-esteem. Kate shared tips on how to overcome these issues in her usual positive and supportive manner. She has given some great advice about staying connected to other people in business as a way to overcome the feeling of isolation when running a business alone. Talking to her provides more than just business advice, she is someone who cares and wants me to succeed, and that makes a difference when you are doing it alone.

Charlie Irving

Managing Director, Ruby Template