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As The Comms Coach, it is my job to help you get noticed by your ideal clients, the media, decision makers, customers, other business owners, employees and/or colleagues. There are a few ways you can work with me depending on what you want to achieve.


Having worked for two decades leading PR & Communications for big corporate brands, I now show smaller businesses and solopreneurs how they can promote themselves and stand out from the crowd.


A big part of my role in the corporate world was also helping business leaders to effectively communicate, helping them with their presence and impact.  I was by their side to coach them through all sorts of events – from media interviews and select committees to public speaking in front of many different groups – including vociferous community ones! 

Using my Shine your light coaching model, we will work through anything that is holding you back from having the courage and confidence to step forward into your starlight.

Be seen and heard

  • Are you ready to be seen and heard? I will help you with practical guidance on how to present and speak in front of an audience, be seen and heard better in meetings and generally communicate with more impact.
  • Depending on what you want to work on, I will coach you on how to communicate effectively and with presence, how to create your personal brand, your unique messaging and promote yourself. This works best in-person so travel costs will be additional (UK only).

Shine your light workshops

prices start from:
  • If you have a group of women in your business who would benefit from a session working through my shine your light model, get in touch. I love to run interactive workshops where we work on everything from improving personal impact, to getting seen and heard more in meetings. I tailor the content to suit the culture and needs of your business. At the end of the day you will walk away with:
  • A clear understanding of your personal strengths and aspirations

  • Skills and techniques to increase your communications effectiveness

  • Practical tips on being seen and heard by your audience

  • Confidence to communicate with impact in every environment

  • These work best in-person so travel costs will be additional (UK only).
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