Business Comms Bootcamp


Are you ready for you and your business to shine?


Want more customers and clients to know about your business?


Want to stand apart from your competitors?


Want to get better known for what you bring to the world?


As the owner, you want other people to think highly of your business so that they come back and tell other people about their good experience. Communications can help you to build a positive reputation and get better known.  

If you have your own business, these things might sound familiar…

  • You have a website and use social media (sporadically or regularly) to communicate about your business
  • You aren’t sure what you should be communicating about your business more widely
  • You’d like to get some media coverage for your business but don’t know how to go about it
  • You’re worried that talking to the media could backfire and something go wrong
  • You have lots of interesting things going on in your business but no-one else knows about it
  • Your competitors seem to get featured in the media more than you
  • You don’t want to hire a PR person or consultancy because they are expensive and you aren’t sure what they really do
  • There are some issues that could be damaging to your reputation if they were publicised but you don’t have a plan to manage it if that happened

The world of Communications and PR can seem like a dark art to many small and medium sized businesses. Nowadays with the rise of social media, lots of businesses are choosing to DIY – go it alone and ‘send out stuff’ to their customers and clients periodically.

Perhaps you think that Communications is only something the big corporates invest in or that no-one would be interested in what your business is up to.

The fact is that every business, regardless of its size, depends on its reputation for survival and success. Through a continual drip-feed of positive messages and stories, a business can grow and improve its reputation, leading to more success and a competitive edge.

The saying goes that a reputation takes years to build and seconds to lose. Communications helps to improve a business reputation through establishing good relationships with its audiences and various stakeholders.  

After 18 years leading Communications for some of the UK’s biggest brands I know how to build a positive reputation and in my Business Comms Bootcamp I share everything I have learnt about creating effective communications campaigns that get you and your business noticed for all of the right reasons.

Over 6 bite-sized video modules I share my tips and techniques on how to grow your brand, your reputation and your following. All supported with a workbook you can complete at your own pace and access to a private Facebook group where you can access support from me and other boot-campers working through the course.

I will walk you through each step of developing and implementing your communications strategy as outlined below:  

1. What is PR & Communications?

Your WHY, ideal customers, your brand, communications objectives, creating your campaigns

2. Your voice & personality

Key messages, storytelling, communications strategy and tactics, thought leadership

3. The Fame Game – working with the Media

Tips on creating a story, dealing with media interviews

4. Building a following

Social media engagement

5. Protecting your reputation

How to prepare for a crisis communications situation or manage issues

6. Evaluation

How to measure the success of your communications campaign

You will have lifetime access to the Business Comms Bootcamp which means that any time I update it with new content or bonus materials, you will have access to it.

By the end of the Bootcamp you will be equipped to:

  • Understand your brand, your values and why you exist
  • Develop your business communications strategy and key messages
  • Have a clear view on who your target audiences are and how best to reach them
  • Create a plan of opportunities to communicate about your business
  • How to create a good story about your business
  • Understand how to approach the media, write media releases and prepare for interviews
  • Build a following on different social media platforms
  • Know how to communicate during any issues of difficulty or crisis
  • Know how to evaluate what has worked in your communications activities and therefore what to do more/less of

So if you are ready to shine, come and join my Business Comms Bootcamp today – I look forward to meeting you in the Facebook group.