My Profession

My career has been in Public Relations and reputation management, having led the internal and external Communications functions for a range of large corporate organisations. You can read a full breakdown of my corporate positions on my LinkedIn profile.

I spent 18 years working in big corporate brands, where my job was to create opportunities for the business and its leaders to be known and recognised for the things they were doing in the world. This involved increasing their visibility and gaining positive exposure by effectively communicating and telling people the great things that were going on.

Early on in my career this involved creating media opportunities and good news stories, then it became much more about coaching the most senior of business leaders on their personal communications to ensure they had impact in front of a TV camera or an audience.


Now, as The Comms Coach, I am passionate about doing the same with my clients, helping them to communicate effectively in their businesses and personally. I especially love working with female clients who can be notoriously shy to shout about their successes! Using all of the experience I gained in my corporate career, I have developed a simple model which I call ‘Shine Your Light’ which will help you to/with:

  • CONNECT – with yourself and others
  • COMMUNICATE – with an authentic voice
  • CLARITY – of your message
  • CONFIDENCE – to be yourself
  • COURAGE – to try things out


Whoever you are and whatever you do, it is time to step out of the shadows and start being more authentically you, rather than who you think you should be. When you shine YOUR light, you illuminate everyone around you and others follow suit.

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